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Patti Von Niessen - Red Fox Art Glass

 Stained Glass Art, Heavily Influenced by Nature with a Contemporary, Whimsical Feel

I hate curtains! I love light. I think this is where my passion for stained glass originates. Stained glass allows in all the light, transforming it into stunning art, while still maintaining privacy.

It wasn't until I retired and took a stained glass class, that I felt the call of the glass. In the beginning, Hubby wasn't happy with me taking up more and more space in his work shop, and I wasn't happy with his dust (and the occasional falling hammer) on my glass. Thus, in order to avoid marital discord and ultimate divorce proceedings, he built my glass studio, complete with light table, glass library, and specialized lighting.  He fully supports my art and skilfully custom builds every frame for my glass panels using solid walnut or cherry.  I'm happy to report that Hubby is as much of a perfectionist as I am.  

Every art panel is a challenge for perfection; perfection in glass choice, perfection in fitting, perfection in soldering, perfection in designing a truly unique piece of art that you'll fall in love with every time you look at it.  I love laying out the glass on the light table and watching how it changes. My greatest pleasure comes from selecting just the right glass to portray the depth, the movement, and the mood I want to bring out in the completed panel. Composing these art glass panels allows me a creative outlet that fills my soul with sunshine.  To truly appreciate the effect of the sun on the glass, I invite you to drop by and see them in person.  - Red Fox Art Glass